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Prediction League 2018-19

Winner - BlueAndy1878

2nd Place - 60years

3rd Place - Rugbytoffee

4th Place - Avinalaff

5th Place - Dorf

6th Place - HalewoodBlue

7th Place - Topman

8th Place - ToffeeOwl

9th Place - Jimmy

10th Place - EvertonFan1968

11th Place - Kevinksk9

Fantasy Premier League 2018-19

Winner - The Honey Badgers (Ryan O Mac)

2nd Place - Bondage King™ (Jonathan Brown)

3rd Place - Athletico Pathetico (Iain Walsh)

4th Place - Toffees (Llyr Gravell)

5th Place - Ship called Digne-ty (Adam Turpin)

6th Place - Dyche With Death (Joe Golby)

7th Place - MasterEddie (Paris Iona)

8th Place - Mckirdy’s mavericks (Andrew Mckirdy)

9th Place - Athletico Mongolia (Pat Travers)

10th Place - Seamus Holeman (Eamon Condon)

824th Place - Free Tommy (Ben Hunter)